ACT_N | About The Company
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AcT_N architects and civil engineers, founded by two highly motivated architects designers and civil engineers, who work along with an extensive network of highly-specialised consultants. The firm engages in cutting-edge architectural and structural design as a pioneer of functional, cultural and creative industries in Malta. The firm is committed to both the ever-evolving demands of architectural design theory and practice as a function of our society. We are invested in the critical issues of building design, urban development, and construction, and the design demands that an innovative design synthesis requires for international quality.


ACT_N thrives on its fascination for a wide variety of visual fields, including architecture, exhibitions, graphics and design. In fact, architecture itself is not approached as a single entity but as a plurality of architectures opening up and extending the processes of architectural thought, action and research, including civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. The visual diversity of the projects the firm has worked on, stems from its claim to find a solution specific to each task and location that brings together past, present and future and reinterprets the whole. Thanks to the many experiences gained on projects such as the construction and finishes of the “Valletta Open Air Opera House”, the “European Asylum Seekers Offices” in Marsa, and others, ACT_N has learned to meet and solve, simply but also sophisticatedly, the complex requirements that each project lays down by constructing useful and appropriate buildings to a high technical level and without eschewing the expressiveness and emotion that the finest architecture is capable of transmitting. Architecture that advocates the continuity of tradition and context whilst fully committed to respecting the environment. We carry out projects from the tender stage right through to their actual construction. Our design practice is based on the conviction that every project is unique, no matter its size, location, or the demands of time and cost. We strive to produce designs that consistently satisfy our clients and the creative standards we set for ourselves.



Curiosity and creativity in the search for interdisciplinary solutions – combined with complex architectural and technical requirements – lead to extraordinary solutions. In every structure, meaningful construction and ecological efficiency are as critical as functionality and design. Form and supporting structures are only effective if they meld together to become one entity that does not beg scrutiny and is perceived as part of a comprehensive ACT-culture.

Our specialties include complex steel and concrete structures, exposed jointless concrete and masonry, but also earthquake reinforcement and the research and development of new materials such as insulating concretes or ventilated façade engineering.



ACT_N studio also offers from conception to execution to monitoring the full implementation of architectural projects. The services include project management, architectural services as well as graphic design and media design. When we create future in conjunction with our clients, we provide orientation and endow identity. In doing so, we do not differentiate between architecture and interior design. Through the interplay of the different points of view from inside to outside and vice versa a coherent and convincing entity is created that considerably supports and underlines our clients´ concept. Our approach is based on an expanded definition of architecture. Substantive, conceptual and design work processes of different disciplines, we consider as a unit. By linking pictorial and architectural principles as creating new, holistic tangible qualities of space and forms of presentation, making the content experience.